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If you currently own a website, you probably have been approached by website developers before suggesting that it is time for a redesign of your website. There is a possibility that your website is fine, so how do you know when you really need a new website design? There are many different reasons that your website might need a redesign and there are certain indicators that will tip you off that it is time for one. Your website needs to reflect your brand, your business and you.

Whether you think it’s time for redesign or a web developer told you that your website needs a makeover, you need figure out if you or the web developer has viable reasons for these changes. The worst reason to redesign a website is because someone told that you should. There should be valid reason why your website needs a makeover, you don’t see stores constantly re-furnishing and redesigning, unless there is a justifiable reason.  The reason might be for the customer, so that they can navigate easier through the store or for a certain trend that is going on. Whatever the reason is make sure it is a logical reason, if it isn’t, you create a greater chance of confusing users or even possibly lose those users.

Here are some valid reasons for overhauling your website:

  • In numerous cases websites are outdated, they have been around for many years and they aren’t taking advantage of the new technologies, new coding changes, or new services that are available to clients and customers who use the site.
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  • The web is constantly evolving, adding new features and new technologies all the time, so you want to make sure that your website is compatible.
  • The designs from yesterday are not as logical and attentive as they are with today’s website designs. Was your first website designed, coded and programmed properly? These factors are very viable reasons for a website redesign, which Chico Web Design specializes in.

Other factors that might cause you to redesign your website would be if the bounce rate is high. You can take a look at this by getting a Google Analytics account, it will also show you other important information that you should know about your website. The bounce rate indicates how fast a user goes to your page and leaves; this should be a definite red flag that you need to change something. Another factor would be that the navigation on your website is difficult or complicated, this could contribute to the bounce rate. If users aren’t able to navigate easily through your website and find the information they need they will most likely leave and you will lose a user.

There are many factors that contribute to websites demand for a redesign.  As a website owner you want to consider all these factors, then determine where the problem lies, if there is a problem, and then figure out if website redesign is right for your brand, business and you.

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