Angry Birds Tees Mobile Website Launch

Angry Birds Tees
Mobile web development is here in 2011, and is the hottest topic in our industry right now. Millions of users are going online with their smart phones so it is crucial to offer a mobile optimized experience to them so they can easily find information or purchase your products.

Angry Birds Tees mobile optimized website allows users to access from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Palm device, with an easy to follow user experience. Allowing the customer to easily shop and find the product that they are looking for, and then easily purchase it, was our goal from the onset.

Why make an Angry Birds T-shirts mobile website?

If you were to visit the website before it was optimized for mobile, the website would show up in it’s traditional state, in need of zooming, to experience and view the content.

To make it easier on the mobile users, we optimized the Angry Birds T-shirt website for mobile phones. What this means is that when you view their website on your mobile phone it will fit the screen so there is no need to zoom in or out or scroll side to side. The easier it is for users, the more time they want spend on your website which can increase re-visitation. is fully optimized for your mobile phones making it effortless to shop for your favorite Angry Birds T-shirts.

The Mobile Website

We took some screen shots of the new mobile website to show you just how good it looks, check them out below.

  • Angry Birds T-Shirts Mobile - Home Page
  • Angry Birds T-Shirts Mobile - Browse Products Page
  • Angry Birds T-Shirts Mobile - Checkout Page
  • Angry Birds T-Shirts Mobile - Product Description
  • Angry Birds T-Shirts Mobile - Product Details Page
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