Google’s New Service Improving Web Page Load Speed

Google recently released a new tool called Page Speed Service, which will help speed up the load time of web pages. The new service works by automatically taking care of the optimization on the site by rewriting pages and delivering them to users through Google servers. In testing out the new service, Google said that they have measured 25% to 60% faster load times on several sites. Google also has a gallery and a comparison test that users can try for themselves to see if it really works.

A user must sign up and appoint their site a CNAME for their URL on Google’s own servers in order to use the new tool. Page Speed Service then fetches the content from a user’s server, rewrites the page by applying Web Performance Best Practices, and then sends them back to the user via the world-wide Google server. People will then be able to access a Page Speed Service user’s site again, but this time with faster load times.

This service is only offered to a limited number of web developers right now, but you can request access by filling out this form (what form? Hyperlink?). Google said that after a trial period, Page Speed would be released to everyone. However, there are no further details about the costs, except that Google officials state, “pricing will be competitive.” Google rarely comes out with a plan for a pay service, but this is case where they should be able to charge. Do you think you would pay and use the service to optimize your website page speed?

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