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Chico Web Design Christmas Dinner at Crush

December 22

Last Thursday night, the Chico Web Design went to Dinner at Crush in downtown Chico just across the way from our offices.  Although we’re missing Sean and Dennis, we still had a great time!  From left to right: Ben, Neal, Monique, Monika, Jeff, Brent.

Chico Web Design Welcomes Concept Media Online

December 15


Over the years, owner Jeff Sierra of Chico Web Design and Ralph Brewer or Concept Media, have built a professional relationship which has spanned across the country and has produced many creative ideas. Recently, an opportunity has presented it self to Mr. Brewer to take a position at long time client, Creation Gardens of Louisville KY.  With Ralph focusing all of his time and effort on his new position, he’s decided that the Concept Media clients would be best served by Chico Web Design.  Early December, the Concept Media clients officially were integrated with Chico Web Design.

Chico Web Design looks forward to serving all of the Concept Media clients with the same quality, integrity, and creative vision that Mr. Brewer has provided all of you over the years.

A message from Ralph Brewer:

Yes, the rumors are true. I have been offered and accepted the full time position as Marketing Manager for Creation Gardens here in Lousiville.

I have been working with Ron Turnier at Creation Gardens for the past six years, and I am absolutely thrilled to now be a part of a team that is in the middle of a lot of big, positive changes.

I’ve learned a great deal over the past several years at the helm of Concept Media. I’ve worked with everyone from food companies, to financial planners, to packaging companies… I’ve personally created or managed the creation of multi-media campaigns and provided marketing tools for small businesses..and have sat back and watched the positive results again and again. It has truly been a rewarding and HUGE learning experience for me.

Thanks to all of you who trusted in me to help your organizations grow. You have all been extremely kind and I really do value our friendship. Please keep in touch.

For those of you that still have projects open with Concept Media, not to worry. I will see that they are completed as scheduled with no hiccups.  For those with website/email hosting and email newsletter subscriptions,.. you are also in good hands.

Jeff Sierra, owner and founder of Chico Web Design, has been a creative partner of mine for two years now. The work that him and his team do is top-notch and I feel 100% confident in their abilities and would put their quality up against anyone. Jeff will not only be taking over the web hosting and e-newsletter duties, but his team can also take over any future web and print design needs that you may have. They have created high quality websites, print collateral, and branding for clients all over the country. You can see more about him and his team at chicowebdesign.com.

For those of you who need print or web work done by Jeff, I can give him and his team access to your past creative work files… for a seamless transition.

Thanks again to all of you.


A message from Jeff Sierra to all of the Concept Media Clients:

My name is Jeff Sierra and I’m the owner of Chico Web Design located in northern California.  I started Chico Web Design nearly 8 years ago with a strong focus on web design & development, graphic design, print design, and just about any other creative aspect involving technology and design.  Today, Chico Web Design employs six full time employees and contractors.

For those of you that don’t know me, Ralph and I have worked together on a number of different projects through-out the years.  Please rest assured that you will receive the same level of customer service and creative vision that Ralph has given you through-out your relationship with Concept Media.

Billing for Web Hosting

For the full time web hosting clients, you will begin to see a bill from Chico Web Design starting on the first of the December.  We will honor your current web hosting rate and no settings, usernames, or passwords will require modification.  As for billing, we have several secure options available to you.

Billing for Email Newsletter

Billing for the Email Newsletter system will remain the same, but your invoice will come from Chico Web Design.After the Thanksgiving break, I am going to make it a point to call each and everyone of you to answer any billing questions you may have.

Existing Clients

Please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email address below for all of your web and graphic design needs.Thank you and I look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

CWD’s New Office Assitant

June 15

If you’re coming over to our office in the near future, you just might run into our new little recruit, Bear.  He’s very friendly, 8 weeks old, and he enjoys sleeping all day!

Bear Chico Web Design

Around The Office

January 26

I was walking around the office today and decided to take a snap shot of a typical day at Chico Web Design.  The first picture is of Ben and Brent deliberating why Internet Explorer 6 has to be such a pain!  The second photo is of Brent working on a new website design for Esplanade Office, located here in Chico. Please excuse the resolution, they were taking from my cell phone camera.

Chico Web Design – We’ve moved! New Address Details Included

July 17

We are pleased to announce that Chico Web Design has moved its design studio to a new location in the heart of downtown Chico! Now located on the third floor, just above Starbucks in the Hart building, Chico Web Design will continue to create and integrate web technology for businesses just like yours.

This expansion will allow Chico Web Design to be in a more central location as well as provide more space and inspiration for our talented team of graphic artists to do what they do best, design! When you’re in the area next, feel free to step in and say hello!

Our new address is:

Chico Web Design
242 Broadway Suite 12
Chico CA 95928

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We’d like to remind you that Chico Web Design not only specializes in creating visually appealing web sites, but we also can design anything graphic related, from logo and stationery design, to tradeshow booths and direct mailers. Chico Web Design can make your company image stand out from the rest.