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    Ever wanted to change the text and images on your website? Put the control back at your finger tips today.


Mavieo Content Management Solutions puts the power of your website, back in your hands.
Mavieo has the ability to power your content, online store, web blog, department inquries, job postings, video, photo galleries from one easy to use interface.

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    Login, create or change content. With Mavieo content management tools, changing or adding text is a breeze.

  • eCommerce

    Want a online store like the big boys, but don't want to spend big bucks? Mavieo has eCommerce solutions.

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    In today's world of instant gratification, show everyone what you can do with your videos.

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    Not only great for Search Engine Optimization, but a Blog will keep your clients informed and coming back to your site for more information.


Mavieo was born out of a need to create a robust, modularized, and permissions based content management system for customers who don't have a large budget but need the powerful features of a fully dynamic website

In a nut-shell, Mavieo is a remote administration suite with an API to push information to your website front end. This is more liberating than most people realize. You are free to use any server technology you wish with the only requirement being the ability to send XML to the API server and to parse the response. You read it correctly, Mavieo does not force the use of PHP, ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion, Java, Ruby or any other language you can think of. We believe this to be a huge unmatched advantage of ours in the CMS space.

Another huge advantage is our ability to reduce training and support requests. Clients choose which modules they need to run their site and are granted access only to those features. This removes confusion and clutter in their administration area and allows the user to focus on the task at hand. Additional modules and functionality are always available to be added at a later date.

We believe in the Mavieo model and we want to spread it as quickly as possible. We've developed a full reseller model complete with a 100% unbranded administrative experience for your customers.