Geno Gruber President/Principal

Geno bought his first computer in 1985 and 10 years later he was coding web pages for the businesses of his friends. The internet was in its infantry and Geno got to ride the dot com wave, building websites for many of the next-big-thing companies and thinking web programming was the place to be.

After the dot com bust, Geno turned his attention to other forms of marketing for many different business segments. He started an ad agency believing that marketing should be accountable to sales. Geno has had the benefit of spending millions of dollars of other people's money to testing what does and does not work. His findings have helped numerous companies experience growth of tenfold.

After a few years of helping his advertising agency clients work with other web development firms he and his business partner Mark bought their favorite web company with the focus of making it even better.

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Interesting Facts

Geno does not drink coffee and he eats his pancakes dry.