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How to Choose a Web Designer, Chico Web Design

How to Choose a Web Designer

Before you go live with a new site it is important to consider what your current site is good at. There are three things that are often overlooked. … Read More

Website Designers in California

The Best Website Designers in California

The sites that convert the most visitors to customers are rarely the most beautiful. Beautiful design does not usually have obnoxious orange “Order Now” buttons but high converting sites do. … Read More

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The next big trend in web design- Parallax

In the late 1990’s web design came alive with animation and interactivity when Macromedia (Since acquired by Adobe) introduced Flash. Flash websites were a hot item and the early Flash design and development firms were in high demand and getting … Read More

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Will a Non-Mobile Responsive Site Hurt Your SEO Rankings?

Having many SEO clients, I have to adapt quickly to changes in the Google algorithm. I was hustling to do what a rumor had led many of us to believe. The rumor was that you must have one site, which … Read More

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  A mentor of mine once stated that the two most important ingredients to a successful business are urgency and accountability. In 2011 I wrote another blog with the same first line… but I am using it again here … Read More

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How do you Score Higher on Google?

That is the big question that all Search Engine Optimization experts are wanting to know. No matter what you hear it boils down to this; Google wants its users to find the most relevant site to their search. With that … Read More

WordPress Websites Good or Bad?

There are many security flaws which lead to many attacks. The attacks don’t come from a person singing you out, it comes from bots … Read More

What to Know Before You Choose a Web Developer.

Planning a website redesign is something most small businesses think about every 3 years or so. And this is primarily because they were never really happy with their current site or it’s because the business has evolved and now wants … Read More

Why Content is Crucial for your Website

If you are an experienced user of the Internet then you have probably heard the phrase “Content Is King”.  For those who haven’t, we’re here to tell you why quality content is crucial to your websites success. The content on … Read More

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before but those who haven’t might ask, What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is the on going optimizing of a web site by updating and improving the external and internal … Read More