My Independent Contractor

  • My Independent Contractors gives contractors an easy and free way to showcase their business online. With photo galleries, search listings, and craigslist export, is a great opportunity for all independent contractors.

My Independent Contractor


Critical Issues

First and foremost, it was imperative that be simple to navigate and allow contractors to easily post personalized web pages. Chico Web Design also had to develop and integrate a website for four different levels of users.
  • Homeowners
  • MIC members
  • MIC paying members
  • MIC employee’s and administrators
Being able to integrate the requested functionality along with the various user groups to create one seamless target market driven website, was going to be a challenge, but it was well met.

Our Solution

Starting from the ground up, each interface was individually hand crafted in our design studio to meet the critical issues as designed in phase one. With over a dozen interface comps, the design was moved from conception to development. Once development began, organizing each users access was a challenge. While limiting various user groups to certain sections of the site, and allowing access to others, the task of separating all of the different groups went under way. Searching As a user of, homeowners have access to independent contractors all over the country. To find an independent contractor, we designed three specific ways to reach them. First, is a phone number search. If a user already knows the phone number, or the independent contractor has given it to them, the user can find their web page listing by simply entering it in to the phone number search field at the top of every page. Secondly, a user can find an independent contractors by name. If they know the independent contractors first and last name, chances are you will get a direct hit. If they don’t know their first name, leaving that field blank will return results for everyone with that first or last name. Finally, a user can search their surrounding areas by simply using a zip code search to locate independent contractors within 10, 25, 100, or a 200 mile radius. Once results are returned, the user has the ability to filter by service to further narrow their selective search. Recurring Billing Members of have the ability to post their own web pages by simply following a few steps. Within minutes, MIC interacts securely with Authorize payment processing gateway to accept recurring e-checks and credit cards. Once payment is verified, the members web page can be posted. Each billing cycle, the member will receive an invoice, and the money will be automatically withdrawn from their account. Members Area As a member of, you will receive several benefits. One of those benefits is custom business cards. Chico Web Design built an interface which allows members to generate business cards with the click of the mouse. Independent contractors simply print them out and hand them to homeowners with all of their contact details. As a member, you also have the ability to make as many edits and modifications to your personal web page listing. Each web page listings comes with various fields. Some including, business name, phone number, website address, email, gallery uploads, etc. Each member can custom fit their webpage listing and images, to portray their quality of work Spotlight
  • Members area
  • Recurring payment
  • Invoicing
  • On the fly business cards
  • Custom URL’s for each Independent Contractor
  • Search functionality
    • Name
    • Zip
    • Phone
  • Service filters
  • Rotating flash imagery
  • Upload images
  • SEO Friendly URL’s
  • Content Management
  • Member management
  • Much, much, more
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