North Valley Dermatology Center

  • Chico Web Design started from the ground up to re-develop the North Valley Dermatology website. Allowing them to create their own news, modify their content, and give the site a new look and feel was top priority.

North Valley Dermatology Center


Critical Issues

The challenge was to bring the look and feel up to date while organizing the content in a directory style fashion. It is key, as with any medical website, for patients to find what they are looking for quickly. The navigation placement and function needed to be easily seen for patients that have vision issues.

Our Solution

Chico Web Design started from the ground up on re-developing the North Valley Dermatology Center website. Starting with the design, Chico Web Design went with a dark maroon background with white text to draw out a very high contrast look. A large slideshow was added to bring some color and warmth into the website.

After completing the design, Chico Web Design started looking into better ways of bringing the most important features of the North Valley Dermatology website to the top. A slick animated directory of doctors was added so patients could learn more about each doctors experience.

The knowledge base is split up into 2 sections, Medical Dermatology and Surgical Dermatology. Under those 2 sections is an array of very useful information that explains what the cause and treatment is for each disease affecting the skin, hair and nails.

A blog was added to better educate patients on a variety of skin related issues. The ability to comment on a blog post was added so North Valley Dermatology would know their patients thoughts and opinions.

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