Critical Issues

First and foremost, the greatest issue at hand was to deploy a website that matched the professionalism and technical abilities that VESTRA and it’s employees have. Starting with a complete re-design, Chico Web Design needed to create a site that was warm, easy to navigate, and allowed for seemless integration of a multitude of functionality.

Technically speaking, Vestra needed a solution that would allow their marketing department to update all of the different aspects of their website. From adding new proejcts, to modifying existing services, it was imperative that the website be editable by VESTERA employees.

Lastly, VESTRA was in a need of a method to place their physical products and virtual products online, as well as allow registered members to purchase them.

Our Solution

Chico Web Design deployed it’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) which allowed us to integrate all of their dynamic requests into an easy to use administrative back-end website. Seperating the projects and services into their own dynamic front, was made possible by making an addition to our categories modules. Since one of the requirments was to be able to associate projects to services, this allowed for the association to be automated.

Chico Web Design deployed a project database which allows VESTRA to create new projects, add photos, flag as featured, add descriptions, and then associate that project to a service allowing for front end users to see example projects when viewing services offered.

Last but not least, Chico Web Design developed a new product module which allows for virtual product pruchase. VESTRA needed a solution that, once payment was successful, would email their registered user a encryted file path to a downloadable application. It also places links in their member area a long with any and all updates available. Chico Web Design went above and beyond to produce a fully dynamic, automated software delivery solutions for the VESTRA website.

What Did Vestra Say?

an amazing team of professionals…

Working with Chico Web Design has been one of the best business decisions that we have made. The complete redesign of our website was a technical challenge, we needed a modifiable, easy to navigate site. We also needed a solution for our virtual product module, we have the upmost confidence that Chico Web Design was the right solution for VESTRA. Not only were they technically superior they are an amazing team of professionals to work with.

Vestra Resources
– Heather Croom, Business Development and Marketing Manager

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