Legacy By Design

  • Legacy By Design has a Content Management System and an dynamic assessment module tool which allows registered members to participate in an online assessment. After inviting several family members to join, the results are presented HTML and PDF.

Critical Issues

The main goal for the Legacy By Design site was to redesign and improve upon their already existing web presence that Chico Web Design created 3 years ago. Their legacy content editor allowed them to control portions of the website, but not others. With the addition of a WordPress blog a couple of years ago, they now had two administrative log ins to manage one site. We needed to get all of their web site management into one tool.

Our Solution

Our solution was to integrate a custom content management solution that not only controlled content and blogs, but made it easy to publish news, calendar of events, and advisors. Legacy By Design commissioned Chico Web Design to create a administrative solution that helped control and automate all aspects of their website.

What Did Legacy By Design Say?

We highly recommend Jeff Sierra and Chico Web Design

Since Legacy by Design provides succession solutions for America’s agricultural community, we require a website that is both attractive and engaging. It must be easily updated for maximum impact. Jeff Sierra and Chico Web Design created a site for us that exceeds our expectations and is extremely manageable. Our clients and web visitors rave that our user-friendly presentation makes Legacy-by-Design.com a regular ‘favorite’. As we update our content, Jeff and his staff keep a watchful eye over our shoulderand offer suggestions and upgrades to ensure a positive experience as our exposure grows. We highly recommend Jeff Sierra and Chico Web Design.
Legacy By Design – Kevin Spafford
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