Working Grads

  • gives college graduates the opportunity to take their skillset and resume to their online profiles. WIth online coupons, blogs, and much much more, Working Grads show cases how we took a clients idea to reality.

Critical Issues

The critical issue for was to make an easy to navigate online business directory for all levels of users to easily browse and manage their own profiles. It was very important that the user interface was crafted for ease of use and flexibility. Along with an easy to navigate business directory, the CEO of wanted members to have the automated option of creating and modifying their own profiles, for a small subscription fee.

Our Solution

Working with the latest technology, Chico Web Design was able to craft a web site that is attractive to all three levels of users: administrator, users, and members. Each of which performed a different function. As an administrator, employee’s of can control all of the content on the website. From, content to menus, to activating member accounts. They can also verify members accounts, validate information, and flag their newly created account for the public to see. Administrators can create new blog entries for users to comment on, publish news and events, and even post jobs for potential employers to find a suitable candidate. Members have the ability to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription to be a member of In conjunction with Paypal, the website will allow members to create their accounts, modify their profile, and update their payment information. When their subscription is 30 days from expiration, members will get an email stating that they need to renew. All public users have the benefit of using’s easy to use search tools to find members that match their criteria. From members specialties to last name, the search allows public users to easily find members!
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