Rent Scroll

Critical Issues

When developing a online property listing directory some of the key factors in the success of the web site are search engine optimization (SEO), simplicity for the user browsing the site looking for a property, and a easy to use portal interface for landlords to easily update and add new property listings. Integrating all three major facets of this site along with a seamless user experience was going to take a good design and development plan and Chico Web Design was up for the task!

Our Solution

Once solid design and development specifications where drafted, Chico Web Design went to work on crafting a user interface that not only appealed to users searching for a rental property, but to landlords who were looking to list their properties for rent or lease.

Several interfaces had to be designed starting with the search tool and home page. Perry, the owner of, made it clear to us that the most important aspect of the site was the search tool and property browse list. Once a visitor arrives at the home page they are presented with a list of the most recent properties, a search tool with several options, and a list of cities to filter by on the left side.

Along with users having the ability to browse for rental properties, a portal was created so that landlords may showcase and list their properties for a small fee. Once a user becomes a member, by giving us their contact information, they can then create a new property listings or modify an existing property. Each property has several attributes associated with it starting from address and zip code, all the way to pet preference! Based on our custom billing package model, a landlord can then choose their desired payment options. When a property nears its expiration date, a email will be sent to the landlord reminding them to come back to the site to renew their listing.

Behind the scenes of sits a very dynamic administrative solution which allows employees of to approve listings, modify payment schedules, change the status of a property, modify content, create billing packages, append search filters, and maintain the member database, just to name a few features! of Chico California is fully employee managed property listing website built to order!

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